Bing has launched, Bing Custom Search. The announcement was made in an official blogpost.
Bing said, “Bing Custom Search is a commercial-grade solution that allows you to create a highly-customized web search experience that delivers dramatically better and more relevant results from a targeted web space. Now available as a free trial on the Microsoft Cognitive Services website, additional availability is planned for later this year.”

Bing Custom Search allows to create a customized web search experience that gives better and more relevant results from targeted web space. It is available for free trial here.

Bing’s New Bing Custom Search Lets You Build Your Own Web Search Service

Users can also customize Bing Custom Search to pull content only from select sites. Results can be pinned to the top and the experience is totally ad free. Bing says it will empower businesses of all sizes, hobbyists and entrepreneurs to design web search applications.

As a commercial-grade solution, Bing Custom Search empowers you to design and deploy applicable search experiences for unlimited scenarios. Also, you have API access to your search results – giving you the capability to present the results as your customers want to receive them.


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