The official Google Lat long Blog announces the new version of Google Moon. In their own words, this one “fully eclipses its predecessor”.

“This update brings higher-resolution map imagery, text search, and photos and stories from every Apollo landing. We even included Street View-style Panoramas of the moon’s surface, taken by the Apollo astronauts … something you won’t see anywhere else. And last but certainly not least, we tossed in scientific charts that are good enough for actual mission planning and science classrooms alike. Check out the about page for more info on all of these features.”


On to even better pursuits. Google is sponsoring the Lunar X-PRIZE “which will award a total of $30 million to teams competing around the world to land privately funded spacecraft on the Moon.”


“Finally, we hope the contest will help renew public interest in fields like math, engineering and computer science, especially among the young people on whom we’ll all be depending to tackle tomorrow’s technical challenges, whether they’re on the web or among the stars.


As Neil Armstrong famously pointed out, small steps lead to giant leaps. We hope that our sponsorship of the Lunar X-PRIZE is one of those small steps, and we can’t wait to see what giant leaps result. By the way, just so the teams can scout locations and plan accordingly, Google Moon just went live. For more information, visit the Google Lunar X-PRIZE site.”


IMAGE SOURCE: Washington post


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