Encrypted search has always been hard on marketers and SEO professionals, as they have come across several "keywords not provided" instances in Google Analytics. However, the keyword data was available on Google Webmaster Tools with click-throughs and impressions but not tied directly to landing pages.

It has recently appeared that keyword data is missing from Google Webmaster Tools also. No query data has been recorded since September, 23. Several independent SEOs and dozens of sites have confirmed the news.

Google Keyword Data Goes Missing from Webmaster Tools!

When you tie Webmaster Tools and Analytics accounts together, you can view query data. Moreover, Webmaster Tools data takes long time to copy to Analytics, hence a yellow warning is shown in the graph. However, it is also clearly visible that no data has been inserted for the entire one week.

Google Keyword Data Goes Missing from Webmaster Tools!

No historical data is available in Google Analytics. The Webmaster Tools has data going back till July 2, 2013 while the Analytics query data goes back till June 23, 2013. But, both the tools do not have query data after September 23.

There has been a discussion going on regarding the topic on Google webmaster help forum, wherein John Mueller replied, "Thanks for posting, everyone! The team is aware of the problem and working on speeding that data back up again. Thanks for your patience in the meantime".


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