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There is nothing to deny that today’s retailers are faced with the difficult challenge of keeping shoppers engaged in a marketplace that is not only larger, but also competitive than ever before. So, to help retailers extend their boundaries, Google is introducing new ad formats on Google Images.

As per the announcement, Google is introducing new shoppable ads which will help the retailers highlight multiple products, available for sale, within their sponsored ad among Google image results.

To help advertisers know how close they are to getting the top number of potential clicks on their campaigns, Google is rolling out click share metric to search campaigns.

Google stated that the lower your click share, the more opportunity you have to capture additional clicks.

There is a relatively simple process for calculating click share. For example, if your ad is clicked 20 times, but the Google Ads estimates that it could have been clicked 100 times (If you had more extensions, higher bids, or higher budgets), your click share is 20%.

Google announced that AdWords Express campaigns are now Smart campaigns (with improved features).

If you are using AdWords Express to set up your ad campaigns, you have an opportunity to have all the same benefits, but with improved features. Google mentioned that these Smart campaigns will put all your campaigns in a single spot, making it easier to track and manage.

Bing Ads has launched a new competition tab on web interface globally this week. First rolled out in September, it offers numerous ways through which you can see the competitive scenario on the tab with machine learning powered recommendations to have an edge. Some of the distinctive features of the two major sections in the Competition tab, Auction Insights, and Recommendations-