Google My Business announced the launch of a new update on Friday which is sure to be a great news for restaurant owners. The ones who are managing their own Google My Business(GMB) listings can now have access to a new editor. Using it, they can create and edit menus which might display their listings on Google mobile search results.

The editor is now available in Google My Business dashboard’s Info tab. This is also the place in which owners will be able to edit links to their menus. Using the editor, owners can also add and edit titles, descriptions, and prices of the different menus they serve. The menus can also be broken down into different sections for appetizers, desserts etc.

Before this update, Google only provided the ability to create and edit structured menus either through third-party menu services or Google My Business API. Restaurants which are connected with a third-party provider won’t have any access to the editor. This feature will be available only in English speaking markets only.


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