Facebook has announced the introduction of Global Pages for brands. This new feature is available to all brands on Facebook and allows them to provide special localized experiences to their fans. This means that people heading on to the brand’s page from different countries and locations will be directed to the best version of the page on the basis of their location. The ‘localized’ element of the structure will make sure that users will see localized apps, news feed, cover photos and profile pictures. In other words, the fans will be with the global brand community but will interact with a local feel. This is Facebook’s biggest rollout since the Timeline.

Facebook Rolls Out New Pages Structure for Global Brands!

Brands can have Universal yet Localized Presence

This roll out is highly useful for brands with one Page and other country-specific Pages.  With global pages for companies in force, brands can now establish their unique global identity and yet manage to use a regional flavor when reaching out to customers in other nations. Brand can interact with followers much better than before and with their multiple country-based pages allows them to cultivate a ‘glocal’ (global+local) presence. Managing the page will be easier with its single URL and the fact that there is a single dashboard for admins to see the insights of the page.

Brands are already on board including Dove which has switched from one single Page to create new, localized Pages using the geo-targeting feature. Here is a screen shot of how users can make the switch to the regional page they want to interact with:

Facebook Rolls Out New Pages Structure for Global Brands!

Brands that were using a multi-page strategy can also switch effortlessly to the Global Pages framework. Here are the renowned brands that have migrated their local Pages into the new ‘one Page’ model:

Facebook also said that they are working on country-level fan counts for all Pages, “We want to make it easier for you to measure your audience in each country as well as benchmark your brand against other brands you care about. Later this year we will include the country-level fan counts for all Pages (both those using the Global Pages framework as well as Pages that haven't transitioned to the new framework) publicly in our API.”

In case you are interested in Global Pages, you will have to contact the Facebook sales department.


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