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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Answers on Fixing Discovered Currently Not Indexed Problem

As website owners, we all strive to have our pages discovered and crawled by Google. However, sometimes we may encounter pages found but have yet to crawl, which can be frustrating. Recently, John Mueller from Google was asked whether removing pages from a large site can help solve this problem. While he didn’t offer a straightforward yes or no answer, he provided some valuable insights on tackling this issue.

Google Recommends Publishers to Noindex Syndicated News Content 

In the fast-paced world of online news, staying ahead of the competition is key. Publishers must protect their original content from being overshadowed by syndicated pieces. Google suggests that one way to do this is to urge syndication partners to use the no index tag. By doing so, these partners can prevent their versions of the content from outranking the sources in search results.

Unconfirmed Search Ranking Algorithm Update & Volatility By Google On July 12th

On July 12th, the Google search community was abuzz with rumors of a major unconfirmed ranking algorithm update. While Google has yet to confirm the update officially, many SEO experts have reported significant shifts in their website rankings. This volatility has left many scrambling to keep up with the changing landscape of search engine optimization. As always, the SEO industry constantly evolves, and staying ahead of the curve is key to staying competitive.

Google To Release New Improvements To Site Names 

Google constantly strives to provide the best user experience for its searchers, and soon they will release another round of improvements for site names in search results. This update will make it easier for searchers to quickly identify the source of the information they are looking for. Whether you are searching for a news article or trying to find a recipe, Google’s search results will provide clear and concise information about the source. As always, Google remains dedicated to improving the search experience for its users and will continue to make updates and improvements in the future.

Google Search Tests Snippets With Translated by Google Drop Downs Feature 

Google is currently testing a new tool to translate search result snippets from one language to another using a simple “Translated by Google” drop-down feature. Now, you can easily explore search results across languages by simply clicking the expand feature without leaving the search page. This ingenious tool has the potential to reshape the way we search the web and make accessing information in different languages more accessible than ever before.

Google’s John Mueller Says: If You Weren’t Buying Links, Don’t Disavow 

John Mueller, a Search Advocate at Google, recently shares some valuable advice regarding using the link disavow tool. In response to a question on Twitter, he suggested that if you have not been buying links, there is no need to use the tool. This is a relief to many website owners who have been worried about the impact of spammy backlinks on their search engine rankings. However, it is important to remember that building high-quality links is still essential for improving your website’s SEO and gaining visibility online.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Threads an Instagram App Hits 100 Million Users With ‘Mostly Organic Demand’ 

Threads App, the popular messaging app from Instagram, has achieved a significant milestone by hitting 100 million users. Even more impressive is that the app has achieved it with mostly organic demand. The app’s popularity has been steadily growing thanks to its capabilities of enabling users to message close friends and family members by sharing photos, videos, and text messages. This achievement is a testimony to the app’s user-friendly interface and the engaging experience it provides its users.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

8 Microsoft Advertising July 2023 Updates Including Predictive Targeting And Generative AI For RSAs 

As the digital world evolves, Microsoft Advertising remains at the forefront of innovation and customer-oriented solutions. Their July 2023 updates are no exception, with several exciting features to help businesses better connect with their target audience. Predictive targeting, for example, uses machine learning models to anticipate which individuals are most likely to convert, allowing advertisers to reach high-value customers more efficiently. The refined RSA functionality and new generative AI features also enable brands to create more engaging and unique ad experiences. Overall, these updates enhance the user experience and provide advertisers with the tools they need to drive growth and success in today’s digital landscape.


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