We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update Out on 25th May 2022

Google has confirmed that a large core algorithm upgrade, known as the May 2022 core update, was released on 25th May. The core improvements are intended to improve the relevancy of search results for users. Despite the upgrade having already begun, it will take 1-2 weeks to fully roll out. Changes in site performance in search results are to be expected, according to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Liaison for Search.

16 Major Announcements That Were Made During the Google Marketing Live Conference 2022

The keynote talk at Google Marketing Live today included the announcement of 16 modifications and additions to Google Ads. The lecture mostly focused on video ad enhancements, automation advancements, and a sneak peek at future technologies. Everything you need to know about today’s announcements is right here.

PPC Related Updates and News

The Executive Team of Google Shares Their Vision For the Upcoming Google Ads Future Developments

On 24th May 2022, Google held its annual Google Marketing Live event. The event’s main focus was on estimates for Google Ads’ future development. During Google’s Q1 earnings call, the company boasted a year-over-year increase in search revenue of 24 percent. The seminar on forecasting the future of ad growth was delivered by John Nicoletti, Google’s VP of Global Product and Sales Activation. He provided two crucial elements that advertising can use to differentiate itself from the competition: Improving search performance, going all-in on automation, and expanding your business through new channels. Let’s see what else was discussed during the meeting.

Upcoming Google Ads Updates for it’s Display Campaigns

Google announced planned changes to Display Campaigns on the Google Ads Community Forums.

These modifications, according to Google, are intended to make campaign design and management easier. When you build new Display campaigns optimized, targeting is now the default targeting strategy. 

The All-New Audience Targeting and Reporting Feature by Google Ads

Three new audience targeting and reporting tools were distributed to certain marketers by Google Ads earlier this week. Let’s take a closer look at what these changes entail. 

Updates on Google AdSense: Ad Extensions for Search

For AdSense for Search, Google AdSense has stated that various ad extension options for search styles would be changing. On 23rd June 2022, this modification will occur. Extensions are possible for search advertising. Contact information, site links, click-to-call buttons, and other features are available as ad extensions. These adjustments are being made to “better align existing extension types as they evolve and support new extension types when they’re introduced to search advertisements,” according to Google. 

Google Analytics 4 isn’t Yet Compatible with Google Amp

If you’re still using Google AMP, you should know that GA 4, Google Analytics 4, and Google AMP don’t get along. We don’t know if or when GA4 will accept AMP pages because it isn’t officially supported yet. The good news is that David Vallejo has written a comprehensive essay on what you can track in GA4 using AMP on his website. It’s really detailed, so set aside some time to go over it thoroughly. However, according to Google Analytics guru Krista Seiden, GA4 does not presently support AMP, and she has no clue when it will. 

The CPC Bug in Google Ads Has Inflated Click Prices by 300 Percent or More

An issue in Google Ads affected some non-US campaigns’ cost per click (CPC) values, according to the company. The CPCs, in particular, were overstated. Inflation rates of over 300 or 400 percent have been reported by some advertisements. Although Google stated that the problem was limited to non-US advertisements, it appears that some users are now complaining about US campaigns.

Social Media Updates and News

In YouTube Studio’s Analytics Reports, Each Video Type Will Have it’s Own Set of Stats

YouTube is releasing an update to its analytics reports that will help content creators who create videos in a variety of formats. You can now check the total amount of video views for each type of material you’ve uploaded to your channel. Data was previously compiled into a single measure that tallied views for all content kinds. These improvements are being made to help you understand and compare the performance of various video formats on YouTube. You can determine which sort of content is generating the most engagement for your channel by comparing views of normal videos, Shorts, and live streams.

Meta is All Set to Make Changes in the Transparency of Ads Related to Elections and Political Agendas

With the midterm elections approaching, consumers in the United States (and throughout the world) are requesting openness from social media companies. Combating the spread of false information is a difficult task. In response to consumer concerns, Meta (previously Facebook) announced enhancements to its ad transparency capabilities. New measures for enhanced ad transparency have been added to various tools by Meta’s VP of Business Integrity, Jeff King.

Linkedin Data Reveals: What Type of InMail Gets the Best Results

The goal of LinkedIn research of InMail, the website’s premium messaging tool, is to figure out what kinds of messages produce the best outcomes. Between May 2021 and April 2022, the study looked at tens of millions of InMails sent by business recruiters all across the world. The social media networking site looked at five categories to see which types of messages were most likely to get a response in this study. 


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