Google launches a new format to support richer results for Q&A pages. Therefore, if you search Google for any query, a new rich result type of question and answer sites will appear.

Here is the screen shot of how the new format will display a preview of the top answers:

Google Expands Rich Results for Question & Answer pages!

How will this affect your website? Google said, “This new presentation helps site owners reach the right users for their content.” Therefore, rich results can help to raise the display of your search result among many other results.

Google Expands Rich Results for Question & Answer pages!

Google also stated that this new update will work for sites like popular social news sites, expert forums, and help and support message boards, which are already in a question and answer format. To ensure that your page is eligible to appear in the search results, Google also shared a link to use the Structured Data Testing Tool.

If you have any query, be a part of the discussion with Google in the Webmaster Help Forum or reach out on Twitter.


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