Google has added conversion-based bidding for display campaigns known as “Pay for conversions”.

The Significance of Pay For Conversions Bidding

Following the introduction of new options of bidding, advertisers will now have to pay once users convert from ads instead of impressions or clicks. As in the case of Google search campaigns, advertisers who intend to pay on the basis of conversion can set a Target CPA(cost per acquisition) on the Bidding category of campaign settings.

Pay for conversions and click-based payment operate through the same bidding algorithm. Google states that advertisers won’t need to pay beyond their target cost of action. The motive is to generate maximum conversions on a target threshold. Your account needs to have over 100 conversions over the last month to be entitled to pay for conversions.

Google Introduces Pay For Conversions Bidding In Display campaigns

Moreover, the time-period between click and conversion needs to be shorter than a week for a minimum of 90% of such conversions. To view your conversion lag time data on Google Ads UI, separate data of the last month or more via Conversions > Days to conversion.


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