Google has launched the Publisher Center. With this, publishers can freely manage how their content pop up on different Google products.

Hearing The Announcement Right From Google: The company has launched a new tool designed to help publishers self-check and manage how their content shows up across Google products.

The change merges two old tools- Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center. PS: Combining the features of these tools altogether- upgrades functionality and user-experience. Now you just need this all-inclusive tool to organize and manage sites.

Most importantly, Publisher Center is an interface that helps publishers submit, manage, and monetize their content in Google News.

The new Publisher Center is well-equipped with unique features that didn’t exist in the old tools. Thus, offering Publishers an easier way to manage their identity, such as adding different logos depending on whether the user has their phone set to light or dark mode.

The update incorporates all functionality seen from Google Producer. It now accepts RSS, Website URL, Video, and Personalized Feed.

Thus, publishers no longer have to rely on RSS to configure sections in Google News- they can now turn their heads directly to URL. That implies content for Google News will come directly from web, similar to how Google indexes content for search results.

You’d be glad to know that the new Publisher Center is available in English, Spanish, French, and German. Apart from this, Google looks out to expand this tool to more languages “soon”.


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