OK, Google: How to Optimize a Site for Voice Search

Google voice search is transforming the way users look for information which they require. Almost two-thirds of all smartphone users have used voice search to look for local business information in the last one year. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice based searches. Voice commerce is projected to be worth $40 billion by 2022. During the last three months of 2017, the installed base of Amazon Echo grew from 20 million to 30 devices.

The presence of oversized images on your website might have an adverse impact on your SEO ranking as each page will take more time to load. Therefore, check site images to make sure that no image is larger than 100kb. You can use an online tool such as Pixlr or image software like PhotoShop to minimize pixel dimensions of images that are bigger than 1920×1080. The Headway Capital infographic shares a number of tips for optimizing a site for voice search.

OK, Google: How to Optimize a Site for Voice Search!


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