Elana L. From Google has shared some very useful tips to help publishers make the most out of AMP images. In a thread in Google Webmaster Central Help Forum, she wrote “We’ve noticed that some publishers have not included a valid AMP logo in their AMP pages, or have implemented it incorrectly in their structured data markup. As a result, they will show no or only a low quality logo in the Google Search “Top Stories” carousel. This has a negative impact on a publisher’s brand as well as the user experience on Google Search. Watch out for the common logo mistakes listed below and find out how to fix them.”

Missing Logo Target : 
How to fix? Specify a logo value in the logo.url field of the AMP page’s structured data markup.

Broken Logo Link: 
How to fix? Specify a logo value with a valid absolute URL in the logo.url field of the AMP page’s structured data markup.

Square Logo Format: 
How to fix? Follow the Professional Logo guidelines. If your site uses a Content Management System (CMS) with a default square logo, check if they offer any options to override it.

Illegible Logo: 
How to fix? Use a logo version with darker text or imagery to provide enough contrast against a white background. However, refrain from including a dark background in the logo itself to make the light items stand out. Ensure that the logo text or images are not too dense to be legible when viewed at their display size in the carousel.

Visit Developer Guide section on Google Top Stories for more details.


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