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Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Search Console Insights: Behind the Scenes

The Google Search Console team’s Daniel Waisberg and Maya Mamo published a blog post titled Google Search Console Insights behind the curtains. According to Daniel Waisberg, this document contains new information on how Google “handles the data that was not previously available.” 

Google Modifies Ranking Signal Criteria for Page Experience

Google is removing safe browsing from the list of requirements that sites must meet to benefit from the page experience ranking factor. As a result of this change, Google Search Console’s page experience report has been updated with a simplified design that removes redundant data. The safe browsing and ad experience widgets, in particular, are being removed from the report. In a blog post, Google explains the reasoning behind this decision. 

Google Examines 15 Years of Google Trends Data

As Google Trends celebrates its 15th birthday, the company looks back on popular searches from years past and advises getting the most out of this tool. Google Trends was established in the summer of 2006, although its data dates back almost 200 years. On its 15th anniversary, Google compared what people were looking for in 2006 to what people are searching for now.

Google Suggests Core Web Vitals Audit Workflow

Since the release of Core Web Vitals, it has been a hot subject as people strive to figure out how to monitor, optimize, and report on these new metrics and who is responsible for making the necessary changes. Google’s Web.Dev site assists developers by proposing a precise methodology for auditing a site’s CWV and planning optimization techniques.  

Google: Use the Max Image Preview Tag to Increase Discover Traffic

Google has released a new case study that demonstrates how the Max Image Preview directive may boost clicks by up to 333 percent. The directive is a simple meta tag that may be easily added to any website. Google Discover is a way to show articles to users who have expressed an interest in a certain subject. 

Google’s Instructions for Checking Page Experience Factors

In a new video, Google explains how to determine whether your site meets all of the non-Core Web Vitals page experience characteristics. The video is the latest chapter in Google’s Getting Started with Page Experience YouTube series. According to Google, the page experience ranking criteria are divided into Core Web Vitals and everything else. 

Google Has Replaced the Structured Data Tool with a Promotional Landing Page

Google has stated that the URL of Google’s structured data tool will now redirect to a landing page. The landing page invites visitors to utilize Google’s Rich Results page, while almost undetectable button links to the new Schema.org Structured Data Validator. The Schema.org structured data validator has stabilized, according to Google’s statement. 

Google Suggests Include the Author’s URL in the Article Schema

When several authors have the same or similar names, Google advice adding an author’s URL to the article schema to aid in determining the proper author. When disambiguating authors, Google states that the sameAs property can be used in place of the author URL, as Google understands both sameAs and URL.

Google is Still Working on Transitioning all Sites to Mobile-First Indexing

This week, Google’s John Mueller stated that the search giant is still not finished transitioning sites to mobile-first indexing. This was supposed to be done in March of this year after the deadline was pushed back from September last year. Google said in March that it would shortly begin migrating the final batch of sites to mobile-first indexing. This came after the mobile-first indexing date was pushed back from September 2020 to March 2021.

PPC Related Updates And News

Google Ads Editor 1.7 Adds Hotel Ads Lead, Extension Forms, and Other Features

After a rocky start, Google has announced the release of Google Ads Editor version 1.7. This is the follow-up to version 1.6, which was published in April. Hotel advertisements, easier downloads, YouTube audio ads, lead form extensions, additional recommendation types, and the deprecation of Showcase ads are among the new features in Google Ads Editor 1.7. 

Social Media Updates And News

 The Algorithm Behind Instagram Reels 

Instagram explains how it ranks the content that users see when they scroll through Reels. This knowledge may assist you in producing more successful clips. Instagram is promoting Reels as the company’s next flagship feature. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has stated that he wants to go big on the video to compete directly with TikTok.  

Facebook Ads Updates Targeting Minors, Instagram Shop Ads, and More

Facebook has announced changes to how it handles minors’ privacy, launched new ad placement tests, and created a new tool for advertisers. Facebook has begun to deliver messaging in the UI informing advertisers of upcoming changes in how they will handle targeting Facebook users under 18.


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