We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google updates podcasting requirements

Google has unveiled a new set of requirements for podcasts which will be enforced in September of 2021. For an RSS feed to appear on both Google Search and Podcasts recommendations, it must now include more details about the content under three categories: category, subcategory (if applicable), language spoken.

Google has curated a new bugs reporting tool for search console users

Google announced that all signed-in Google Search Console users can now submit indexing bug notifications to the search engine itself. This pilot program ran with a limited number of English speaking help forum visitors in April and is now open to many more people who use this tool.

Google’s announcement should be exciting for everyone who uses their service because it provides an easy way for them to report any issues they may have when trying to find pages on your site during web searches, which could lead you back into organic rankings!

Google has replaced the “Feedback” link on Knowledge Panels with a new “Report Link.”

Google has replaced the “feedback” link we’ve seen on knowledge panels in Google Search with a more direct and explicit “report” link. The company felt that it was important for users to know they were reporting an issue rather than giving feedback about something already published. It is only one small change, but I think this shows how much attention Google pays to detail when it comes to their products’ user interface.

Google says, “It’s normal when 20% of sites are not indexed”!

Google’s John Mueller answered a question about indexing, saying that it all starts with site quality. He also said there is nothing wrong with the average 20% of your content not being indexed. Learn more by clicking on the title.

Google changes the way they display title tags in SERPs

Google has turned to rewriting titles in search results and replacing text with page H1 tags.

It’s known that Google adjusts titles by adding a business name or changing the slightly formatting, but now they are overriding them altogether! Search Engine Optimizers started noticing these changes on August 16th when he saw “massive title rewrite” for pages not ranking for anything close to their names.

PPC Related Updates And News

Google Ads releases new conversion value rules.

Google Ads announced that advertisers will now have more control over smart bidding along with the expansion of conversion value rules. With this update to their system, advertisers can adjust the cost-per-conversion based on factors affecting lead quality and revenue potentials like location or device used when viewing an ad.

Social Media Updates And News

LinkedIn users will now be allowed to rate and review others!

LinkedIn will soon allow users to rate and review people that are service providers. The reviews, which can be read on a person’s profile for all of their skills, including those they offer as an expert in the field or simply have some experience with it.

The social media giant Facebook just released its first-ever report on the most viewed content. 

Facebook has recently published a report that offers the first-ever look at what content gets the most views on Facebook. The study focuses primarily on how popular domains, links, pages, and posts are within the United States of America. A view is counted when people see the content for any duration of time without interacting with it; this could be anything from scrolling past quickly or lingering on an article while reading it thoroughly.

YouTube’s new search engine changes the way people can find content

YouTube is getting a facelift with updates in the visual presentation of SERPs and the types of content they show. The three changes include improved visuals, automatic translations from various languages to English and Google search integration to find your favourite YouTube video without having to go through their site.

Native Video meetings launched by Linkedin

LinkedIn has announced a new feature that will allow users to have video meetings directly on LinkedIn. This is in response to its competitors, Facebook and Google+, who offer similar services within their apps. The announcement was made at an event for the company’s developer conference, “Labs Day 2019.”

3 notable updates for youtube Creators

YouTube Studio, a tool designed to help creators understand how their channel performs and what content they should be working on next, was recently given three updates. The first update gives users real-time cards that will show them data concerning the videos they are most interested in. The second allows for an inbox where people can see direct messages from other channels about topics related to theirs. Lastly, there are Hashtag auto-complete suggestions; these features will enable you to quickly find new trending conversations around hashtags of your interest without clicking through all potential options.


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