We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Explains the Significance of Google My Business (GMB) for Local Search

Google’s John Mueller responded to the difference between an informational search query and a search for a local service in terms of SEO. Mueller responds to the question and then explains what a business needs to do to rank for local search queries, emphasizing the importance of Google My Business (GMB). 

Google Modifies Ranking Signal Criteria for Page Experience

Google is removing safe browsing from the list of requirements that sites must meet to benefit from the page experience ranking factor. As a result of this change, Google Search Console’s page experience report has been updated with a simplified design that removes redundant data. The safe browsing and ad experience widgets, in particular, are being removed from the report. In a blog post, Google explains the reasoning behind this decision.  

Yelp Adds “Proof of vaccination required” and “Staff fully vaccinated” profile attributes 

Yelp announced on Thursday the addition of two new COVID-related profile attributes, “Proof of vaccination required” and “Staff fully vaccinated.” Users will use these attributes to filter searches, and the “Proof of vaccination required” attribute will be visible in search results. 

Google Core Updates Can Sometimes Affect Image Search and Local Search

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed on Twitter that core updates could sometimes impact both image search and local search results. This comes after Danny stated that core updates have no bearing on local outcomes. However, he is now saying, “it depends,” and this can affect all content types across the search. 

Google Analytics Now Keeps Track of Google News Showcase Discover Traffic

Google Analytics appears to be showing some Google Discover traffic, most likely from the Google News Showcase. If you look at your acquisition, source, and medium traffic, you might notice [newsshowcase / discover] on the list.  

Google Eliminates the Rich Result Type from Performance Reports

The generic rich result type has been removed from the Google Search Console performance reports and API. Google informed that this would be removed in May, and it is now officially gone. 

PPC Related Updates And News

Google Merchant Center Will Require Manufacturer Part Numbers to Be Accurate 

Google announced that it would begin requiring Google Merchant Center merchants to use accurate Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs). Google stated that starting in August 2021, item-level warnings for “Incorrect product identifier [mpn]” will be issued on your Merchant Center account’s Diagnostics page. Then, in September 2021, Google will reject merchants who have these issues. 

Google Ads Editor v1.7 is Now Available for Download

Google Ads Editor v1.7 is now available, according to the company’s announcement on Monday. Advertisers can use the Google Ads Editor to manage their YouTube audio ads, Hotel ads, and lead form extensions, as well as download specific parts of their campaigns, thanks to this update. 

Microsoft Announces a Slew of New Product Updates and Releases Aimed at Advertisers

Microsoft Ads has announced the release of its Target Impression Share strategy, which is similar to Google Ads. Microsoft Ads will set your bids automatically based on where you want your ads to appear and your Target Impression Share. A new bid strategy, manager-account labeling, new automated extensions, extended brand safety protections, and updates to Unified Campaigns are among the new product updates and releases announced by Microsoft for Advertisers.

Social Media Updates And News

The Shop Module Has Been Launched by Twitter

We reported last week (July 22nd) that Twitter was testing downvotes on tweets. A few days later, on July 28th, Twitter announced a new test that is currently underway. Surprisingly, the first announcement was made via Twitter, whereas this time, it was communicated via their news blog. 

 Twitter Enhances the Context of Trending Topics

Twitter is working with The Associated Press (AP) and Reuters to improve how it keeps users up to date on trending topics. By collaborating with AP and Reuters, Twitter will be able to expand the scope and speed with which it provides context to popular topics of conversation.


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