We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Halloween Searches in 2021

Google offers information on the most trending Halloween-related searches this year, such as the most popular costumes and haunted house locations in Maps, among other things. Google provides Halloween search insights every year, and this year is no exception. This year, Google is publishing data on top Halloween movies, top Halloween costumes, most-searched pumpkin patches, and most popular spooky activities in the United States.  

Google Introduces New Eco-Friendly Search Filters

When it comes to arranging vacations and purchasing appliances, new Google Search filters can help consumers locate the most eco-friendly alternatives. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, revealed a variety of green initiatives that his firm is working on, including improvements to Search and Maps, among other projects.

Google is Testing a Feature That Will Assist Users in Clicking from Websites to Competitors

Google has revealed that it is testing a new feature that allows users to see search results while on a web page, rather than clicking back to the search results. The objective is to make it easy for visitors to compare search results and swiftly click away from a web page and visit a rival web page. The new Google experimental feature is a side panel search, one of two trials that make Google’s search results pages (SERPs) permanent.

Rich Results from Google Search Console Status Reports Now Include More Actionable Errors

Google has increased the level of detail in the Search Console rich results status report errors. According to Google, this additional information includes five new errors and improved details across several issue categories that should be “more actionable.” Here is the statement, “Today we’re adding more details to some errors on Search Console Rich Results status reports to make them more actionable and help you understand how to solve those issues.”   

PPC Related Updates And News

Google is Experimenting with Vertical Line Sitelinks

Google is experimenting with a new structure for its Sitelinks in both organic search results and search advertising. These are vertical Sitelinks with a line running from the top down.

Microsoft Promotes New Credit Card Advertisements on Bing

Microsoft has unveiled a new ad format for Bing Search that uses the Microsoft Advertising network. The new format is known as credit card advertising, and it is currently available in open beta for US and Canadian marketers. Credit card businesses may use it for advertising on Bing. According to Microsoft, credit card ads are intent-triggered rich placements that provide real-time information to consumers and inspire action, all with no keywords required.

Social Media Updates And News

Twitter has Released Seven Updates to TweetDeck

Twitter intends to release a series of TweetDeck upgrades this week, including new and familiar functionality requested by users. TweetDeck is a third-party application that allows Twitter users to manage numerous dashboards concurrently. So, for example, you can react to DMs, navigate through your timeline, and monitor a hashtag all on the same screen.

More Businesses Can Now Access Twitter Professional Profiles

All companies may now apply for a professional Twitter profile, which gives them access to special features. Twitter is now opening up applications for professional profiles to all interested companies, following an initial deployment to a limited test group. Professional profiles, which were launched in April, transform a regular profile into more business-focused.

Facebook Offers an Explanation for the October 4 Outage

Facebook explains, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologizes for a six-hour outage on Monday, October 4. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were all unavailable owing to a breakdown in connectivity across business data centers. According to reports, the outage was triggered by configuration modifications on the routers that coordinate traffic between the data centers.

YouTube is adopting Twitch-Inspired Features

YouTube is introducing new tools to reward channel members, like how Twitch subscribers are rewarded. The additional incentives may encourage more users to join up for premium memberships, resulting in higher income for artists. This tool can help YouTube producers gain more channel subscribers.


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