Bing Ads has introduced a new feature to the Ad Preview and Diagnostics tool to help advertisers see the estimated impact of bid in real time. If the advertisers’ ads are not being delivered because their bid is too low, an icon indicating more information is available will be displayed next to the message “Bid Too Low” in the Ad preview and diagnostics tool.

Bing Ads Rolls Out New Bid Preview Tool

Clicking the icon will bring up the bid landscape window with suggested bids.

Bing Ads Rolls Out New Bid Preview Tool

There is now a Preview Button that will allow the advertisers to see if the ad will serve after the new bid is applied.

Bing Ads Rolls Out New Bid Preview Tool

If the ad can be served, it will be highlighted in the Preview window. If the advertisers don’t see it, or it is not in the position they wanted it to be, they can go back and test another bid. Even after the bid increase, the ad still does not display it could be because the quality score of the keyword is either too low or the ad is being triggered by a different keyword in the account among several other reasons.

The Preview Feature works for text ads only.


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