No real person may know us as well as Facebook, thanks to the data we have provided it on our own. This has been revealed by Digital Shadow, a promotion for the Ubisoft game called ‘Watch Dogs’ scheduled to come out later this month.

Digital Shadow Know You More Than Anyone Else

It pores over the profiles of consenting Facebook users to churn out a dossier of private information that is surprisingly close to accurate. It would include guesses about the location, income and even the passwords.

The app segregates Facebook connections under titles like ‘obsessions’, ‘stalkers’ and ‘liabilities’. ‘Obsessions’ are the people you interact with more than they communicate with you. ‘Stalkers’ are the people who interact with you more than you communicate with them, while ‘liabilities’ are the people who tag you a lot as they only end up spreading your personal information.

Digital Shadow Know You More Than Anyone Else

Test the app and you will be surprised by its accuracy. Just from the public information you have provided on Facebook, the app can learn a lot about your personality.

To find for yourself how efficient Digital Shadow is, visit the website and log in with Facebook button. The app will then analyze public information on Facebook and return its findings.

Digital Shadow reminds us why we should be careful about the data that we share on Facebook, other social networking sites as well as across other online media. One needs to be smart about data sharing and know how data sharing can be used against own interests. Knowing what to post and what not is imperative when using social media. When we are careless, we only allow the watchdogs have an unwanted peek.

Some ways for users minimizing their digital shadow may be Using a TOR browser or VPN (virtual private network) for searches to mask every information, or Buying gift cards for cash and using these to make purchases online.

Just being a bit careful will help us steer clear of the watch.


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