Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 04th May 2018

Content Marketing

How Content Can Create a Self-Sustaining Customer Referral Engine

Bethany Johnson through this informative article explains how content can create a self-sustaining customer referral engine to create more demand and generate traffic. Additionally, she shares some useful insights that you can implement in your content marketing approach to boost customer creation.

Tons of Traffic, but Few Conversions? Three Ideas for Repurposing Blog Traffic

Are you are getting large amount of traffic to your website but with little conversions? This could be because bounce rate is high, exit rate is high while conversion is low, super low. Follow these ideas as shared by Jules Tompkins to create well ranking posts for attaining better conversion rates.


Add SEO to the List of Everything Being Transformed by Artificial Intelligence

Search engines are leveraging artificial intelligence to create more relevant responses to search queries. AI makes it possible to not only analyze large amounts of data but to draw meaningful insights about the information. Over the course of the article, Chris Porteous shares some useful insights that can help you achieve superior search engine results in respect to AI.

Traffic Dropped but Rankings Unchanged? How to Fix

Publishers and marketers at times experience a drop in traffic without any sort of change in rankings. This could be because of the changes that are largely outside of the site itself. Roger Montii throws light on this issues on a deeper level and suggests ways to address the problem and fix it appropriately.

6 Daily SEO Tactics You Aren’t Doing But Should Be

Neil Patel elucidates, keyword research algorithms are always evolving as Google makes thousands of changes to its algorithm every year. Therefore to keep up with keyword search you must adapt to the advancing algorithms. Follow these 06 SEO tactics as shared by Neil to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes.

Social Media Marketing –

Want To Improve Your Social Media Strategy? Avoid These 14 Faux Pas

Published by Forbes Agency Council, the post states that some brands commit some serious social media promotion blunders while engaging with followers and prospective customers. Further the article apprises about 14 mistakes that marketers and brands should avoid if they desire to improve their social media strategy.

5 Expert Tips from Influential Executives to Improve Your Social Media Approach

Published in Marketing Insider Group, the article explains that just because social media is widely used for business promotion doesn’t mean it’s well understood. Besides it presents 05 experts tips shared by industry experts that have been employed effectively by them to facilitate successful social media marketing.

Email Marketing –

6 Ways To Use Personalization In Your Next Email Campaign

By recording information about your subscribers and segmenting your audience, you can create personalized campaigns that delight your audience. The articles published in Campaign Monitor shares 06 effective ways that you can implement in your next email campaign to achieve personalization.

8 Actionable Email Strategies to Boost Mobile User Engagement

The number one reason majority of smartphone users delete an app is that they don’t use it. Engaging new app users early and often is the key to success. Karen Talavera lists 8 actionable email strategies to boost mobile user engagement to retain existing customers and for acquiring the new ones.

Link Building –

10 Low-budget Link Building Tactics For Content Marketing

Sophie Fitzpatrick writes that you do not need to have a huge budget to earn high-quality backlinks. Rather you can opt for low-budget link building to drive traffic and improve your ranking in SERP’s. Here are ten low-budget link building tactics shared by her that you can rely upon to rank higher and drive more traffic.


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