Google Analytics has launched a new and up to date version of one of its tools for marketing, “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase”. This newest version features refreshed information and more up to date industry classifications. It has also branched out paid search to enable users to observe the impact of brand as well as generic search terms on the decision to buy. As can be seen in the 2 images below, users can now observe customer journeys for small as well as middle sized and larger companies across various industries. For instance, in case a user checks out how marketing channels for small sized companies within the shopping sector in the US impact the consumer’s choice to make the purchase, the tool makes the suggestion that organic search is quite often a possible “assist” interaction for these consumers.

“The Customer Journey To Online Purchase Tool” Revamped By Google

But, when the change is made from the small businesses to the big businesses by the users while keeping the other variables the same, the tool indicates that interactions are chiefly being assisted by display clicks and social.

“The Customer Journey To Online Purchase Tool” Revamped By Google

Users can also dig deep into specific marketing channels for ascertaining a more detailed look at the role being performed by each in terms of its position in the path of purchase. For instance, generic paid search, direct play plus display click perform various roles at certain stages.

“The Customer Journey To Online Purchase Tool” Revamped By Google

Google has also made the suggestion that channels which are being found more commonly at the path’s starting are more certain for generating product awareness while those at the close of the path are linked to customer’s purchase decision.

Google had released "The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” during the previous year. It now shares how the new and improved avatar could enable marketers to provide more relevant and important marketing messages to customers.


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