Google has launched Flight Search, a service aimed at helping Google users to spot the most convenient flight on the occasion of flying out of town.

A step poised to give Google a strong footing in the travel industry, it also witnesses the launch of Google's first product after its successful acquisition of ITA, the travel software company.

Flight Search

So what's the service all about? Well, it is a web-based tool that a Google user can use to find out the flight most convenient for him, and can even book the same. Through this service you will get exposed to a wide range of airline search options with a high precision. Naturally it will be quite easy for you to conduct a focussed search and then identify the flight that is best for you.

As of now the service is available for some select cities in the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Chicago and Minneapolis. The airlines which are getting tracked include American, JetBlue, Delta and Continental.

Flight Search - Google's First ITA Product

No doubt Flight Search will come in handy equally for both regular fliers as well as the not so regular ones.


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