Are you looking for new techniques to optimize your site to ensure that it achieves a better SERP ranking? If you do, then you will have to focus on some major on-page SEO factors to achieve success on Google in the near future. At present, Google raters use E-A-T(Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Transparency) as a framework to assess content creators, websites, and webpages. These days, E-A-T is greatly influencing organic search results on Google.


The title tag is a type of HTML tag which is present on the top section of each web page and provides an idea about the exact topic the page is related to. Missing, duplicate or poor quality of title tags can have a bad impact on SEO results. Therefore, ensure that you optimize title tags with precision. This Red Website Design highlights the major on-page SEO factors for achieving success on Google in 2020 and beyond.



Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.