10 Important SEO Trends to Lookout in 2019!

To create a firm base for your business in the New Year, we have 10 tips to share with you. So, how will you make your website rank top and bring more revenue? Our forecast is as below:

Know the Needs of Your Readers

Professionals have realized that different followers do not have the same tastes. Some may be inclined to Videos, Audios, Texts or Images. A few may be in love with all. Do research to find out where the majority searchers fall and modify your game accordingly. Putting into consideration the favorites of your visitors will see you reap great traffic.

Superior Quality Articles Will Continue to Rule

Duping Google will not work any longer. Trends have shown that not only the significance of your page is important, but a provision of worthy content is paramount to pull more readers. Google has strengthened its emphasis on gauging the value of contents. You cannot ignore to make your article remarkable. This has been and will continue being a key player in attracting followers. You must give nothing less than gold!

Entice Your Readers with videos

This era has seen videos being a preferred choice by many. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become man’s best friend due to the ease by which you can get all the information you want by just watching a clip. It’s time to incorporate this idea into your business. It’s as simple as turning the material on your present content to little videos that give the same information. Apart from the benefit of promoting your trademark, it’s a fact that Google will be watching closely with an intent to reward you. Focus on your product’s video presence and deliver content in the channels that most users prefer — the internet, being the major one.

Make use of Google Products

10 Important SEO Trends to Lookout in 2019!

Google has its own outfits. It also needs you as much as you need it. You have to make friends with Google by incorporating its products and tools in your business to win some special treatment. Play nice by registering your business with Google My Business. Add a Google Plus Page and a YouTube Channel too. This way, you will earn more marks and rest assured that Google will treat you in a special way.

Diversify on Search Engines

10 Important SEO Trends to Lookout in 2019!

For a long time, Google has dominated the SEO world. This is changing and doing so fast. In 2019, the probability of Amazon and Apple becoming a common choice is very high. It’s a wakeup call to all SEO experts. Your keywords and content must also be Amazon and Apple friendly. You now have to start working on how to broaden your horizon. Get back on the drawing board and learn how to not only rank on websites but on other platforms. Technology is changing and you must be at par with the fluctuating environment. Represent your brand and product in all the available means. You can never know where your best clients will come from until you try.

Set Aside Funds for Paid Search

Normally, paid posts will rank top on search results. However, users have grown wily and are disregarding such posts. Now that users are ignoring these posts, Google is at a disadvantage not to mention those who win traffic through this trick. We predict that you will carry the cost of lost ads revenue for Google. Be prepared to see how dynamic Google will be when it comes to paid posts come 2019. You might find that a whole first page on your search will consist of paid for contents only. You can only guess what will happen in the long run.

Make Social Media a Part of Your Business Life

10 Important SEO Trends to Lookout in 2019!

Social media has become so widespread you cannot afford to ignore this fact. You never know what card Google will pull from under the table next. Forget the existing perception by Google on social media. You might be pleasantly surprised to see things turn positively for you if Google were to use social media participation to weigh the worth of your product. The trend shows this to be a very likely move. So start indulging in social media while there is time and capture people’s attention by posting captivating posts.

Voice Search

Gone are the days when you depended on how people searched by typing keywords. This is being overtaken by voice search. Alexa and Google Home are becoming the in-thing. How clients will phrase words may come out different from how they type them. This will result in your keywords decreasing in value. It calls for a whole overhaul on your SEO approach. Voice search is likely to be one of the most used methods in 2019.

Achieve Some Worth from Spot 0

The most sought-after position on any given search page is number one. With SEO changing its approach, what is likely to happen in 2019?

Position 0 is basically that information which comes up before number one. Its sole objective is to respond to questions by sourcing material from your website but restricting a searcher to connect through to your link. Though this pop up may not be of much benefit to you in the present day, what can you do to make your position 0 be of use? Let this be some food for thought to the marketing experts.

The Importance of Structured Data

The starting point is to comprehend everything related to organized data. Organized data goes hand in hand with Artificial Intelligence. The more AI is gaining significance in Google, the more structured data is fetching value. Without organized data, Google cannot transfer from a mobile to an AI-first world. The greatness of AI is measured by the speed at which it processes content and connections to one another. Recently, structured data has proved to be among the key contributors in providing search engines with pointers to understand this interesting content structure. You may watch this approach become key in 2019.

Times are changing. The strategies you employed in 2018 might not work in 2019. It is essential to start building a plan early as an SEO expert if you don’t want to see your website ranking bottom. So keep a tab on these emerging trends.


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.