Keyword research is the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you find keywords for your products and services. It helps you write content that will attract traffic, which in turn can help grow your organic search rank–and all with no effort. Unfortunately, choosing a good keyword tool isn’t easy because there are so many out on the market today. Simply start by searching keywords related to the niche, then narrow it down with other filters like popularity or competitiveness to get an accurate list of relevant ones.

Ubersuggest is an awesome keyword suggestion tool. It has tons of keywords and can help you brainstorm new ideas for content, too. Google Trends is a great way to generate ideas for new content. It accurately lets you know whether your keyword is seasonal or not, which can be beneficial in building the company site and want to get traffic efficiently; plus, it’s also a helpful tool when planning out the long-term strategy of the business. This Janet Kozak infographic shares the best SEO Keyword research tools.


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