The whole idea of carving your brand identity, building your business and putting up your services will mean nothing if you fail to make profit. But how are you actually going to do it? Here comes that time of the season when you can ‘change the game’ in your favor. Yes, the much-awaited 2019 Holiday season is here! Google proposes new behavioral insights into 2019 holiday shoppers, with essential tips on how to sell to US consumers.

Retail Trends: A Sure Shot Way To Increase Sales

This new Google report shows how ecommerce retailers can gear up for the 2019 holiday season. The report is based on a survey of 4,500 global online shoppers, offering some great tips on how retailers can increase sales by delivering more customer-centric experiences.

According to Google data, mobile searches for “best deals” grown by 90%. So the #1 factor when consumers decide where to buy is whichever retailer has the lowest price- shouldn’t surprise you.

Customers also love the idea of being able to do what they want all on their own. There are around 70% of shoppers who like it when companies make it easy for them to do what they want without having to talk to anyone.

Please Note: Searches around “rewards apps” and “Black Friday deals” are up 200% this year. And consumers are all set to start shopping before Black Friday hits – 37% of holiday shopping has been completed before the week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here’s a look at what attracts the US customers when they buy goods online.

Buying Goods Outright: Most Influential Factors

Google separated its date into three categories: hard goods, soft goods, and everyday essentials. The most influential factors are largely similar across all categories.


Have a look at what influences US customers most:

Lowest prices
Free shipping
Sales, discounts, & promos
Fast delivery
Free shipping
Product availability
Customer reviews
Estimated delivery date
Cross-store price comparisons

Have a look at fcators that literally puts your U.S customers off:

Popularity on social media
Ability to share product pages
Ability to chat with the merchant
Non-credit card payments
Reviews from family/friends
Loyalty rewards program
Customer store reviews
Brand/company based in-country

So, now that you know it all! Use this ecommerce marketing strategy with regards to where you should focus your efforts.

Above all, Google recommends putting more emphasis on providing fast and free shipping when selling to US customers. Do Not Forget: Customers in the US are much more interested in fast shipping times than in-store pickup.


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