Ever since the launch of Bing by Microsoft, many webmasters have been trying to compare Google and Bing, to find out which one is best among the two. Ann Smarty at SEJ has posted a list of some new comparison tools.

Following are the three tools to compare Google and Bing:

  1. Google / Bing Comparison

    One of the best things about this tool is that it allows you to click through international versions of both search engines and compare regional results.

    Google Bing Comparison
  2. Bingle

    This tool not only allows you to see both search engines results side-by-side but also allows you to switch to either of them with one click.

  3. Bing and Google

    This tool is the simplest out of the three. It only compares the two search engines side-by-side.

    Bing and Google

All these tools are expected to make comparison between the two search engines easier and more fun.


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