Branded content is a crucial strategy for bringing traffic to your eCommerce store. It delivers value, keeps your audience engaged, and can support purchase decisions. It’s important to release more content regularly and focus on crafting high-quality content that meets your audience’s needs.

Here are five tips to help you create quality branded content that yields your eCommerce store’s actual results.

Get to Know Your Audience

Quality branded content should resonate with your audience. You’ll get better results if you take the time to get to know your audience and use your findings to adjust your content marketing strategy.

You should be as specific as possible when deciding who you want to target with your branded content. It’s okay to target more than one niche, as long as you have a well-defined persona for each audience segment you want to target.

Your current customer base is a great place to get started with your research. Why do these customers have in common? What are the pain points they want to solve with your products?

You can look at the niches your competitors are targeting, use existing market research for your industry, or conduct interviews to understand what your audience needs.

Getting to know your audience is not only about gathering demographic or location data. You need to understand how your products’ different benefits solve specific pain points your audience is experiencing. You might find that the same product has different benefits from one niche to another.

You can summarize your findings by developing different personas for the niches you want to target. A detailed persona should include a typical demographic profile and information about how customers want to consume content, which problems they want to address, and what to expect from their buying journey.

Tell a Story

Did you know that telling a story can make information up to 22 times more memorable? Storytelling is a great way to engage your audience and keep readers coming back for more branded content. It also allows you to showcase your brand’s human side and deliver value without coming across as too pushy.

Don’t forget that you’re creating branded content. You can show your products’ benefits by integrating them into your stories and explaining how your products have transformed a person’s life.

Storytelling is a powerful tool because it can inspire your audience. It can spark emotions, and people will ultimately associate these emotions with your products. These feelings are what will make your branded content more memorable.

You can tell engaging stories by using characters and situations your audience can relate to. Start by discussing a pain point your audience is familiar with and inspire readers by showing how a person used your products to solve this issue.

Storytelling turns your online presence into an experience, and it’s the type of content that people want to keep engaging with.

Don’t Overlook eCommerce Website Design

Your eCommerce website design is crucial because it shapes the way your audience interacts with your content. A good design can make content easier to find and deliver a positive experience.

Here are a few tips for creating an eCommerce website design that encourages content discovery:

  • Use white space to draw attention to important information and make your content easier to read.
  • You should have a primary navigation scheme that helps users find your most important pages.
  • Add a secondary navigation scheme like drop-down menus to help users explore different topics or breadcrumb navigation so users know where they are in their content discovery journey.
  • Format your content with headings, bold, and italic text to draw attention to your message. Use bullet points and short paragraphs to make texts easier to read.
  • Use strong CTAs that stand out visually and guide users on their content discovery journey.
  • Optimize your eCommerce website design to deliver a good experience on mobile. A responsive template, short paragraphs, and large buttons can improve the user experience on a smaller screen.

Make Quality Content a Priority

Quality should be your top priority when you create branded content. Write what your audience wants to read about. Keep an eye on your industry’s search trends to get an idea of the questions your audience is asking.

Quality content should deliver value. There are different ways to deliver something valuable to your audience:

  • You can share something concrete like a coupon code.
  • You can play the exclusivity card and share information about upcoming deals or new products.
  • ‘How to’ content is a great way to deliver value and help shoppers get more out of the products they purchased.

Great content should bring something new to the table. You can become a leader in your field by sharing some fresh ideas and new solutions. Take a look at existing content on the topics you write about and ask yourself how you can write something unique.

Quality content is crucial because it will keep your audience coming back for more. It also increases your chances of getting shares on social media to extend your outreach. Moreover, great content will get plenty of backlinks that will boost your SEO rankings.

Find Your Voice

What sets your brand apart from competitors? Developing a unique personality and concretizing into a voice will help you stand out.

Defining your voice will make your online presence more consistent. More than half of businesses use at least eight channels to distribute content, and users must get the impression that your content is consistent from one channel to another.

Take a look at your mission statement to identify the core values your voice should reflect. Think of your voice as the personality behind your brand. It should be relatable for your audience, but it should also be human and engaging.

Remember that voice and tone are two separate things. While your voice is a consistent branding element, your tone can vary to accommodate the topic you’re discussing.

Final Thoughts

Branded content can support your goals if you approach it strategically. Start by researching your audience to understand the niches you’re targeting.

Ask yourself what kind of voice you need to adopt and how you can deliver value to your audience. Incorporate techniques like storytelling to engage your audience and update your web design if needed. That way, your audience can focus on your content and discover more quality branded content.