Twitter is the most famous and commercial social media site. Twitter holds 330 million active users monthly and 145 million daily users. Have a look at social media; it’s reached a greater height that you could never imagine. One of the tremendous evolutions of social media is using hashtags. Hashtags are a useful tool on Twitter to categorize every tweet based on its topic, keywords. They are an extraordinary way to specify that your tweet is related to particular topics and to get your tweets displayed in the people’s eye when they show interest.

In this article, let’s see about hashtags, their usage, and how to use them effectively to obtain more reach on Twitter.


In the beginning, hashtags are just the symbol (#). After 2007, the hashtags’ changes came into the rotation; Twitter commenced to use hashtags to index the keywords to discover any content effortlessly. 

Hashtags is the word or phrases followed by # symbols. It is used to organize the contents depending on topics, and you can use hashtags to take part in conversation streaming on Twitter. It is the clickable link under the same kinds of posts using the same hashtags.

Reason For Hashtags 

Now, hashtags are becoming the language to communicate on social media. It is unavoidable stuff whether you like it or not. 

You can make use of hashtags to get discovered your content by the audience. It is considered a significant part of running a discussion or conversation around relevant topics.

Hashtags are helpful to explore what’s going on social media or to find trending and current news. You can create hashtags on your brands, business-like #kidsphotography, and #bridalmakeover; when people search with these topics, they will automatically get your content.

Hashtags For Business 

Hashtags are the remarkable ones on Twitter; using hashtags, you can spot your interested topics or conversation. Moreover, you can join those conversations on Twitter.

By creating a conversation with hashtags, you can bring your brands to get advertised through this conversation. Hashtags help to improve your sales rate and to gain traction. Through relevant hashtags, you can build your online reputation.

Now, let’s visit five types of Twitter hashtags. 

Keep an eye on User-Generated Tweets. 

Generally, some types of hashtags are naturally, likely accepted by Twitter users. Look at #ILoveLondon, #TravelLondon These two hashtags look natural and original. Moreover, it will not be used many times or target specific events. 

It would be best if you concentrated on user-generated tweets; it has the power to gain bags of Twitter likes and visibility of your exact tweets.Through Rousesocial likes you can gain lots of engagement and attention rate.   It helps to increase your presence on top trending lists on Twitter. It will stay for some hours and days. 

Moving to the currently trending hashtags with your threads and that are related to your industry will encourage you to connect with your audience. At the same time, don’t over publish self-promotional contents. While going back behind trending hashtags, make sure that particular hashtags are related to your business. Don’t just pick hashtags because it’s trending.

Follow Events Or Create Events

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On Twitter, almost all events have hashtags. Markets and brands benefit from the events by following them to accomplish massive reach and attention from the people.

If you are running any events for your business, suppose you promote them on Twitter, followed by specific hashtags that resemble your events. Through the spread of your events, you could gain more audience to participants in the events and receive more exposure for your events. Create hashtags for any of your business events, meetings, or any special occasion on Twitter to gather more people.

Keep Track Of Regular Happenings 

On Twitter, there will be some hashtags that are for specific areas and communities. Hashtags like #TTOT( Travel Talk on Twitter) and its travel bloggers usually use it. The same as #ThrowBackThursday is used by ordinary users about particular celebrations or happenings on Thursday. If you are running a startup business on Twitter you can go with day-to-do happenings to garb new audiences for your account. Hashtags will be one of the best tools for startups to market your business on Twitter

Keeping tracking those sets of hashtags will target specific groups of people and connect with Twitter communities. If you want to increase your reach, you need to add hashtags for your tweet, depending on your tweets. Content hashtags are used to create engagement directly with your audience at your target audience. For instance, if you have an online shopping website, you can post a picture of any outfit with the hashtags #Palazzo #Fashion #Outfit. By creating this type of hashtags will build brand awareness with your audience. While choosing the hashtags, think about the user’s point of view.

Create Branded Hashtags 

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Nowadays, many brands and business owners come with creating their hashtags for their brands. They run hashtags campaigns to get their hashtags famous, and they influence their brands with the campaign.

You can also use your brand hashtags to host chats or any conversation regularly with your audience. For instance, Expedia created their brand hashtags called #Expedia, and they hosted talks on every Wednesday under #ExpediaChat.

If you have an idea to construct hashtags for your brands, remember, it must be short, concise, catchy, and most essentially, related to your brands. You can use your brand tagline, slogan as your brand hashtags. Don’t change your brand hashtags frequently. Once you are done with your hashtags for your brand or product, then try to make your hashtags famous and familiar with your audience. Hashtags campaign will be a good fit to market your hashtags.

Go With Unbranded Hashtags 

On Twitter, you are not supposed to use brand hashtags alone to reach your audience; instead, you can go with unbranded hashtags. Unbranded hashtags will not target any specific brand, focusing on particular themes or concepts.

For instance, if you are an influencer, you intend to promote all brands in particular online stores, so your hashtags must be around that specific online store. At that time, you will target a single brand right.

Wrapping Up

Your hashtags should not be too long, with more than three phrases; keep it short and concise. It must be catchy, impressive; it must bend with your content or business. Try to use one or two hashtags; too many hashtags will create an annoyance or seem out of the topic. Hashtags have the magical power to increase your content reach, provide more visibility to your accounts. If you add the right hashtags, it’s easy for people to spot your content when they want to see your tweets.


Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling