Hitwise, after a recent study, reported that mobile search queries in the US is approximately 58% of overall search query volume. The company examined hundreds of millions of online search queries on PCs, smartphones, and tablets from April 10 to May 7, 2016.

Almost 60% Searches Come From Mobile Phones, Hitwise Analyzes Queries Among 11 Categories

Hitwise analyzed 11 key categories and related queries in its report, “Mobile Search: Topics and Themes”.

“Food & Beverage” was the category with the highest share of mobile search volume i.e. 72% followed by “Health” and “Sports” at 68%, while banking had the lowest volume at 39%. Report suggests that mobile queries are a bit longer than the desktop search queries. For “Food & Beverage”, on an average PC query had 13.8 characters while mobile queries were 15.5 characters long.

Average number of characters used in  Food & Beverage searches, by device


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