As soon as news reached that AOL released Video Ticker there also was an announcement that Google will be introducing AdSense Video Units to Canada, the UK &Ireland.


AOL’s video ticker ad is a graphic banner ad that is integrated within a streaming video, but without obstructing the video viewing experience. When clicked on by a consumer, the ticker expands to launch a video ad, or an interactive Flash ad, within the video player window. These ads will run across the AOL Network of premium video content within the newest version of the AOL Video media player platform.


In this regard, Curt Viebranz, President of Platform-A said, “Online video consumption is a fast growing consumer behavior and our new video ticker ads give advertisers a new and creative opportunity to reach consumers through this burgeoning medium. With these ads, advertisers can target users who are consuming video with a clickable video or an interactive Flash ad, creating a deeper, longer brand dialogue that isn’t passive.”

“Besides, there was more AOL news that a newly revamped media player platform which introduces several new and improved features was launched: Functionality includes:

  • A single flexible experience: Sharing and social utilities – such as email, bookmarking and related videos – are available from the player view port;
  • Multiple monetization options: New ad inventory includes 300 x 250 interstitials, video ticker ads and synched text ads;
  • A new user interface and development framework: The new UI streamlines the control set and improves customization options, while the new development framework simplifies adding new features.”


Google in introducing video units in the upcoming days to English-language publishers in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Video units are embedded, customizable video players that can enrich your site with relevant video content while enabling you to earn extra revenue from the relevant, non-intrusive ads that accompany the videos.

“With this new launch, publishers in the UK, Ireland and Canada will be able to show videos from our YouTube content partners and choose those videos by category, individual YouTube partner, or have video automatically targeted to their site. Based on publisher feedback, we’ve also just added a feature which lets you choose individual videos to be displayed in your video units.”

How to set up video units on your site

log in to your AdSense account and visit the AdSense Setup page.

For more information about video units, visit the original Inside AdSense post about the launch and their recent follow-up answering some common questions. In addition, you might find the information in our Help Center useful.

IMAGE SOURCE: Arnold Zafra


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