LinkedIn, a platform with well over 550 million registered professionals, has slowly become the number one platform for lead generation. This comes as no surprise considering that this platform is the world’s largest professional network. As a community of well-educated working professionals, LinkedIn has become the best place to generate leads, boost traffic, increase exposure, and leverage content marketing.

As such, LinkedIn is a great platform used by entrepreneurs and businesses alike. But in order to make the most of it, merely creating a profile on LinkedIn is usually not nearly enough. Instead, every business that hopes to improve its operations should also make smart use of some of the best LinkedIn marketing tools that this platform has to offer. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best marketing tools you can use for your business.

LinkedIn Plugins

As a business owner, the first thing you’ll need to create is your own website. Aside from this, you’ll also need to establish a strong social media presence so that you can ensure traffic to and from your website. Once you do that, you’ll need to find a way to secure easy access to your accounts. That’s where LinkedIn Plugins come into play.
With LinkedIn Plugins, you can create a script for various websites that will enable you to install certain LinkedIn widgets onto that particular site. This way, not only will you have easier access, but even the people who visit your website will be able to connect with you on LinkedIn more easily. Aside from this, LinkedIn Plugins will make your profile easier to find, which will be of great assistance when connecting with other marketers.

LinkedIn Elevate

Every online business that is trying to further its reach needs to create and curate quality content. Among other things, this content will help you expand your reach on social media. However, no matter how good your content is if nobody is sharing it or in other ways interacting with it, it won’t be of much use. That’s where LinkedIn Elevate enters the stage. With LinkedIn Elevate, you’ll be able to share your content easier than ever.

The fact that Elevate can function as both a mobile app and a desktop app makes it a perfect tool for everyone. Additionally, Elevate’s algorithm can suggest and schedule relevant articles you can later share on your LinkedIn profile. So, it allows you to save time you’d otherwise spend searching for various informational content, which is undoubtedly useful. In the business world, time is money, and having a tool that allows you to use your time more efficiently is definitely more than welcome.


For any business, being able to secure sales is where it’s at. SalesLoft is an excellent tool that focuses on perfecting sales engagement, which is why it requires your attention. The team at SalesLoft focuses on personalizing your sales strategy in hopes of bridging the gap between businesses and consumers.

As you already know, consumers are far more likely to connect with a brand they can relate to on a more personal level. That’s why finding a way to offer your customers just that is extremely important. Additionally, SalesLoft will deliver data-driven results aimed at improving your sales efforts. That’s why you should strongly consider implementing this useful LinkedIn marketing tool into your marketing efforts.

When talking about the best LinkedIn marketing tools, we simply can’t go any further without mentioning This tool serves as a dashboard where you can merge all of your social media platforms. What this means is that will enable you to connect your LinkedIn account with your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook accounts, which will definitely make your life just a bit easier

This Google Chrome extension will enable you to receive all the notifications from all of your social media platforms in real time, which is crucial for any business out there. Having access to all of your platforms at the same time and having them grouped neatly in one place will make managing and running them successfully that much easier

LeadGrabber Pro

In the business world, one of the most important things is being able to generate quality leads that will turn into customers – and, of course, sales – in the future. However, the truth is that lead generation doesn’t always run as smoothly as we’d like it to. LeadGrabber Pro is designed to put together lists of potential clients from various networking sites. Of course, you can then use these lists and focus your efforts on turning those clients into leads

That being said, you need to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd and is easily recognizable to make your efforts more lucrative. The easiest way to do so is to brand your business. By finding the right brand identity services, you can ensure that your efforts are on point. This will make lead generation far easier and more seamless. Taking everything into account, it becomes quite obvious why LeadGrabber Pro is used by so many B2B marketers out there


When looking to hire employees, many business owners focus on so much more than a resume. To many, certain personalities and character traits are far more important than skills and qualifications. Additionally, many modern businesses look for individuals that don’t necessarily have any previous experience to mold and shape them to fit their company.

Crystal allows you to create a personality profile of what your ideal employee should look like. You can customize it to emphasize the most important things you’re looking for. With Crystal, the entire process of finding the right candidates for your business will be much easier. It is no wonder that some of the world’s largest companies rely on this LinkedIn marketing tool when looking for the right people for their business


Another useful tool for lead generation, Dux-Soup will enable you to find new leads and grow your business more efficiently. Lead generation usually requires a lot of time and effort. However, that’s not the case if you choose to rely on this LinkedIn marketing tool

Dux-Soup is designed specifically for LinkedIn. It allows you to create your own targeted sales campaigns and thus stay on the right track. The additional benefit of using Dux-Soup is that it frees up a lot of your time. So, what this means is that you can focus your attention on other parts of your business while still finding and securing quality leads


In the world of marketing, influencers play a huge role. Nowadays, many businesses recognize the importance of hiring an influencer and all the benefits it can bring. Arguably, one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools that can help you out here is Webfluential

This marketing tool will help you recognize the best influencers you can connect with and thus grow your business. Webfluential collaborates with businesses of various sizes as well as entrepreneurs. This enables anyone using Webfluential to connect with relevant influencers that will help them boost their brand outreach. So, rely on Webfluential to find the right fit for you that will help you expand your reach and grow your business even further


LeadFuze is another great LinkedIn marketing tool for generating top-quality leads. This tool allows you to narrow down your search when looking for leads by enabling you to look for specifics. This way, instead of combing through everything LinkedIn has to offer, you’ll only get to go through the leads that fit your search results

Again, this is another tool that will save you plenty of time. LeadFuze also enables you to connect with the leads more efficiently, which is not commonly featured in other tools. The more specific you get with your search, the less time you’ll waste on candidates that simply don’t fit your requirements


Guru is one of the rare LinkedIn marketing tools that rely on the smart use of AI. With the help of AI, Guru points out everything relevant in your business field, encouraging you to learn more about the things that can help your business out.
By learning more about your field of business and your niche, you’ll be able to set yourself as an authority in the field more easily. This will not only make you more appealing to other businesses but customers as well


If This Than That, or IFTTT for short, is a great app that makes keeping your social media platforms in check extremely easy. It allows plenty of room for customization, which is certainly why it needs to find its place among the LinkedIn marketing tools you choose to use

IFTTT allows you to schedule your social media posts and even cross-post with a variety of user-friendly settings. With this useful tool, you can easily streamline your social media posting and overall make better use of your time


Nimble is another tool that needs to be included in your LinkedIn marketing tools. With Nimble, a social media organization software, you can easily grow your connections with various business owners and clients alike

Nimble will organize your current contacts and the best ways to reach them. On top of that, it also frequently updates your contact list, making this part far easier. With Nimble, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to find relevant contacts quickly and easily, which will make lead generation that much easier


For any business that’s running a cross-platform strategy, proper social media management is extremely important. Quintly is an amazing LinkedIn marketing tool that makes organization easier than ever. With Quintly, you can easily combine all of your social media platforms and create multiple versions of the same social media post

This is particularly neat when you consider different platforms and their respectable post requirements. So, instead of having to create a specific post for each platform, you can rely on Quintly to do the job for you. Aside from this, Quintly is a great tool for social media analytics. It offers immediate insight into your social media marketing efforts and points out the areas that are either doing extremely well or poorly


Most commonly, all business communication is conducted through emails. And as every businessperson knows, browsing through your email in search of a specific thing can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. However, with HiverHQ – a very useful LinkedIn marketing tool – finding just what you’re looking for among your emails has never been easier.

Additionally, HiverHQ offers the possibility to combine all of your inboxes in a single place. And even though this may sound complicated at first, with HiverHQ top-notch organization, checking your notifications will actually become easier than ever


Finally, when running any type of marketing campaign, the most important thing you should focus on is analytics. Otherwise, there’s simply no way to know how good – or bad – your marketing efforts truly are. UnMetric is one of the best LinkedIn marketing tools that allow you to see just how successful your marketing campaigns truly are.

With UnMetric, you can even see which type of content is doing best and which content requires further tweaks. Additionally, it allows you to compare your efforts with those of your competitors. This way, you can identify who has the upper hand in this sense. On top of everything, UnMetric will enable you to identify “hot” topics and tweak your content to always feel fresh and relevant and contemporary.

In the modern business world, creating a strong online presence makes all the difference. On top of that, being able to find proper tools that will streamline your operations will be of huge help. That’s why you should certainly check out some of these LinkedIn marketing tools. All of these are designed to make your marketing efforts not only easier but more lucrative as well. With their help, you can rest assured knowing that your marketing efforts will always be on point.


Tomas is a digital marketing specialist and a freelance blogger. He is focused on new web tech trends and digital voice distribution across different channels.