Bing Ads is introducing a new way for advertisers for managing multiple accounts using a single email address and a password. The multi-user access facility of Bing Ads removes the necessity to sign into different accounts separately. Advertisers can, therefore, move from one account to another in a hassle free manner, thereby finishing a greater part of their work within a shorter time span.

Bing Ads enables users to access multiple accounts using single sign-in

Multi-user access is also applicable for accounts which you have created for others. Once an advertiser is invited to access a new account, advertisers can utilize their single-in email address for adding to it. If you are already managing a number of accounts with various sign-in credentials then you will need to get in touch with Bing Ads Support for gaining consolidated access to a single email address. From now on, you can create new accounts just by creating them while you sign in using your multi-user access email address.

However, this update isn’t applicable to Bing Ads AP1 Version 11 which won’t support multi-user access. Individual usernames and passwords are still needed for gaining access to numerous accounts with the newest Bing Ads API. Once Bing Ads API Version 12 gets released, you will be able to use multi-user credentials in order to access multiple accounts. Bing hasn’t offered a time frame to confirm when the new API is likely to be released.


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