As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg goes to Washington, D.C to testify before Congress about Cambridge Analytica exploiting the data of users, the site is now simplifying it for users to find out if their details were shared with the analytics firm.

This feature is listed in Facebook’s help center. If you search for “Cambridge” or “Cambridge Analytica” on the help center search bar, it will display a page which reads: “How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica?” In case you are logged into your account on Facebook, the page will automatically tell you whether your data was offered to Cambridge Analytics via “This is your digital life” app.

Does Cambridge Analytica have your details? Here’s how to check

After suspending Cambridge Analytica for exploiting the data of users, Facebook has been in damage-control mode for negligence in managing user information. Apart from giving users a prompt manner for verifying if their information was exploited by the analytics company, the website has launched a data abuse bounty program for reporting app developers who can misuse data. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO shared a post regarding the program on her public profile page:-

Facebook states any bad actors tracked by the data abuse program can face the removal of their app from the social media platform. A forensic audit of related systems will also be done of related systems and legal action against the apps of the company and relevant parties.

There is no dearth of announcements from Facebook at present on the various actions it is taking to safeguard users. Yesterday, the firm announced that it was starting an independent research project to find out the impact of social media on elections. Over the last 22 days, Facebook has made 18 announcements about the ways in which it is assisting users from fighting fake news to protecting their privacy and enhancing the transparency of ads. Last week, Facebook made it possible for users to remove apps in bulk.


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