In a webmaster Hangout, Google’s John Mueller discouraged the use of Google Search Console’s URL Submit Tool. He also mentioned interesting facts about how Google indexes websites. He suggested interesting ways to ensure that new content is crawled properly and indexed first.

John Mueller addressed the common problem of Google not picking up content as promptly as a publisher wants to. He blamed publishers for this problem. If Google isn’t indexing your content, then it isn’t Google fault. It is the publishers fault in case it isn’t indexed and the publisher needs to find out the reason why it’s not being indexed.

John Mueller provided a number of suggestions for identifying the reasons behind Google not indexing content and provide solutions to ensure Google indexes it.

The Ideal time to use Google URL submit tool

Mueller mentioned that the URL submit tool isn’t needed generally. He also elaborated that it is needed in an emergency situation when the time is of essence. He went on to mention numerous emergency situations but curiously omits the situation when a website has been hacked and disinfected. Recovering from a hack event is one of the most urgent emergencies since hackers add spammy links and content to existing web pages. Most publishers would want Google to crawl disinfected pages immediately and index normalized content.

Takeaways-How To Get New Content Indexed First?

  • Link with a new content from a prominent web page on your site
  • Add a reference to a new page on your site map
  • Ensure that the new content is shown in an RSS feed and the latter accessible and not blocked by crawlers

You can view the video of John Mueller discussing how to get indexed here:-


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