Google has announced that more and better quality of data is available for export on Google Search Console. Now, you can download complete information you can view in all Search Console reports(in place of specific table views). Google believes that you can easily read the data outside SC and store it for future usage if necessary.

How To Export Enhancement Report

When you export data from a report, such as AMP status, you will now be able to expert data behind the charts, not just the details table as you used to earlier. So, apart from the list of issues and affected pages, you can view a daily breakdown of their pages, their status and the impressions they have received on Google Search Results. In case you are exporting data from a particular drill-down view, you can view the details explaining the view in the exported file.

If you select Google Sheets or Excel, you will receive a spreadsheet with two tabs. If you download them as csv, you will get a zip file containing a zip file with two csv files. Here is a sample dataset which has been downloaded from AMP status report. Google has made the titles of the spreadsheet more descriptive for the post. However, the original title includes domain name, report and date of the export.

Performance report

Google has made two enhancements in performance data. They are-

l Now you will be able to download the content of all tabs in a single click. So, you will get the data on Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, Search appearances and Dates, all at one place. The download output is the same as described above. Google sheets or Excel spreadsheet that have multiple tabs and csv files are compressed in a zip file.

l With performance data, you will have an extra tab(csv file) named ‘’Filters’’ which will show the exact filters that were applied when the data was exported.

Here is a sample dataset which has been downloaded from the Performance Report.


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