Facebook is enhancing Marketplace for buyers & sellers with updates which include new AI features. Now buyers and sellers can rate each other to signify whether they had a satisfactory or bad experience. Since 2016, Facebook Marketplace has emerged as a platform utilized by more than one in three Facebook users in the US.

Facebook Improves Marketplace With New AI Features For Quicker Selling

New AI features ensure quick buying and selling

People who use Facebook Marketplace can now get their products list and sold quickly by using new AI features. Once you upload the picture of a product and include its description, Marketplace shall propose a price range on the basis of what similar items have been sold recently. So, it becomes easier to decide the price at which a product should be sold. Therefore, sellers make sure that their products are sold at the best price. Marketplace is doing away with another step in the selling process by assigning categories to a product automatically, which shall be ascertained by picture and description.

How buyers and sellers can rate each other?

Buyers and sellers can give a rating of their experience they had while dealing with each other. They can also provide a feedback to advise on the areas which of improvement. As a seller you can rate buyers in case a buyer has sent at least a single message. A buyer will be able to rate a seller only in case the two parties have sent messages to each other. In order to rate a seller or buyer-

  • Open Facebook app and click on three-dash menu.
  • Scroll down and click on “Marketplace.”
  • Click “You” before clicking on “Buying” or “Selling.”
  • Click on the conversation you had with the buyer or seller.
  • Select either a happy face or a sad face.
  • There is an optional step by which you can select a reason behind your rating.
  • Click “Done.”

You won’t be able to view how the other person rated you till you have rated him or her. Ratings are available in the Facebook app just for Android or iPhone rather than the main website.


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