Starting July 2, Facebook advertisers will have to specify the audience’s information origin when they upload a new audience. At the time of uploading a customer file, advertisers will have to inform whether the information was collected from people directly, provided by partners or a combination of both.

Facebook Introduces New Custom Audience Requirements Focused On Transparency

“Why am I seeing this?” section will appear in the drop-down menu of each ad, which will show people the source of information, and if the partner was able to reach them through phone number or email address. People can still choose to stop seeing ads from an advertiser in each ad or through Ad Preferences.

Facebook Introduces New Custom Audience Requirements Focused On Transparency!

Facebook is also strengthening the requirements for when an advertiser shares Custom Audiences from a customer file – such as with its advertising agency. Both parties will have to establish an audience-sharing relationship through business manager, and agree to Facebook’s Custom Audiences Terms.


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