A couple years ago Facebook had announced dynamic ads for retailers who wanted to retarget customers browsing their ecommerce websites. Facebook has now launched the new version of dynamic ads with which realtors will be able to retarget people browsing apartments and home listings on their websites with Facebook or Instagram ads. Realtors will be able to target both web and app visitors.

Facebook Launches Dynamic Ads For Real Estate Listings

“Facebook’s dynamic ads for real estate leverage cross-device intent signals to automatically promote relevant listings from your inventory with a unique creative on Facebook.”

Dynamic ads for real estate will pick up a realtor’s home listings and convert the listings into ads. These ads will appear in Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who looked for similar listings on the realtor’s site or app.

Each listing uploaded by the realtor has the property image, address, price, and availability. It may also have additional information like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, type of property, if it’s available for sale or rent.

Information uploaded by the realtor about each property will be combined with the information Facebook is able to pick up from the website and app to choose the listings that are most likely to appeal the customers. The ads will link to the website or app.


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