Real estate marketing has also taken the social media route. Facebook is the hottest new market to explore for the realtors.

Facebook marketing is not rocket science. As a realtor you are a marketer at the core, and you need to do what you are a pro at- sell; but on a different platform. Mind you, a platform that has 800 million users and counting! Facebook can be really beneficial for realtors, if they go about it the right way. Let us sell this idea to you!

Some Facebook Myths Busted:

OK, agreed, real estate is a serious business, nothing in it for school and college kids. And these are the people on Facebook and you don’t wanna waste your time. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Myth– Facebook Is For The Kids; Not For People Looking To Buy Property!

Fact– No, Facebook does have millions of school and college kids signed up, but it also has millions of their parents and grown ups signed up too! The latest statistics show that the number of people above 35 are increasing really fast. Also, you must remember that everyone knows someone, who may know someone, who is looking for a good real estate deal. They may be interested in buying, selling or investing in property, and you have to form a channel to get to them!

Myth– For Facebook to be effective, you need a million fans!

Fact– A big number of fans/friends is definitely good for you, but the real business will come from relationships. For a realtor, you need targeted audience. People who will be interested in your listings as they are from your area! Bottomline is that if the demographics of your limited friends and fans include the exact target demographics you are looking for, then these few hundred are much better than millions.

Putting Up Your Listings On Facebook Is Beneficial. Why?
Still need some convincing? Read on a few of the many benefits of Facebook-

    • Facebook marketing is mostly free!
    • A Facebook marketing campaign can take less than 15 minutes a day
    • It is a fun way of interacting with users of Facebook
    • There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
    • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
    • More than 2 billion posts are liked and commented on per day
  • On average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day

Your Fellow Realtors Are Already Doing It:

A recent survey has brought forth these numbers in reference to the real estate marketing situation on Facebook.

  • 84% of Real Estate Professionals Use Social Media
  • 79% of these Use Facebook
  • 55% are quite happy with the results.

These numbers are more than enough to give you a clear picture. You have to bring your business to Facebook now! See the interesting tips given in this video-

Essential Tips To Facebook Marketing For Realtors:

  • Create A Page– Create a business page for your Real Estate Business. While creating the page- make sure to provide the right information- links to your site. This is how you create a page.

  • Use Tabs-Be good with the techniques a bit here. Use tabs like – “See My Listings,” an app provided by the National Association of Realtors. Keep your other tabs like Wall-Info-Photos and Links completely updated. Your “Links” tab must lead to a full page of your best and latest listings. See the tabs that Josh Stein Realtors have. People can see the properties, search for them, and even subscribe for the email updates about new listings. All these are apart from the regular Wall or Photos tabs

Real Estate- JOSH

  • The Landing PageThe landing page is the first impression your page makes on people. So it has to be-
      1. Neat
      2. Informative
      3. Persuasive

So that people click on the LIKE button as they are convinced that you are a good page to be associated with. You must have a clear call to action on the landing page. The people may get the giveaway you are offering only if they LIKE the page.

For example, consider the landing page of Jim Maloof realtors. They have an attractive display of choices- one can see their listings- or see the closest office or go through pictures of open homes. It is neat yet attractive and very pleasing. For those in their target will be inclined to LIKE it.

Real Estate- JIM

Popularize Your Page:

You are a marketer, you know how to sell, and the task at hand is to make your Facebook page popular. Get a horde of people to LIKE your page and share your word. How to do this is described below-

Know Your Niche- Keep The Demographics In Mind

As a realtor, you have a fixed area of operation. That is why have to popularize your page keeping the demographics in mind. You need to get fans from the people who would be interested in your listings or be influential in the circles of your target audience when it comes to spreading your word.

So, from your email contacts, CRM software, phone and get the list of people you have done business with or know personally. Ask these to endorse your Facebook page. Spread the word. Include links to your Facebook profile in your marketing materials, business cards etc. When they will become your fan, your page can go viral because it updates their status when they become a fan, which is also shared with their networks. See this informative video on geo-targeting your fan base.

Sharing Content On Your Page:

It is the era of content marketing. You have something interesting, relevant or amazing to share? Well do that! Don’t just sell.

Do not use your status update as a classified generator! If you keep doing that fans will be put off from your page. You have to be social. Facebook is a social platform- people come here to interact and that is what you have to do here.

Share Informative Content– Link your blog post and Twitter Feed to Facebook. Also give interesting industry news- any new government norm? You can write something on-

  • Tips To Buy A House
  • Tips To Decorate The House Or A Room
  • Maintenance Tips For Homes
  • Security Tips For Homes

Anything that is relevant for anyone looking to buy a house! So that they read it and keep coming back to your page for more information.

See how Keller Willams Facebook page provides related and essential information to its fans. The key is to give them more than just the listings and their prices. They have links to interesting blogs and home buyer tips etc.

Real estate- KELLER

Another example is Tacoma’s Realtor Sharon Benson’s Facebook fan page. It has interesting pieces about their region. The idea is to create content that is engaging to the users. Pulls them in and encourages them to read further and explore the site.

Real estate- TACOMA

Create Events and Contests To Attract the Fans.- You have to take promotion at a community level. People in your niche must take you as more than a realtor, as a person who lives locally and is involved in the daily lives of the people. You have to be active locally.

For example, see how the Gregg Slapak page is promoting an anti AIDS campaign. They have also posted songs on Chicago. The idea is to give the local flavor and you- the realtor- as a local guy, who cares for the city and the people.

Real Estate- GREG

Get more ideas for what to post here-

Put Up Photos of Your Listings. Take pictures professionally and put them up with their detail clearly listed. People need to know and see for them selves the properties that you have put up for sale. Nothing is more expressive and impactful as a picture. And that is why you must have them on your page. Even having videos of a video tour of your properties can gain fans’ appreciation.

See how Miami Beach Real Estate has put up well shot, choicest pictures of their properties; while making sure to include the scenery in the pictures.

Real Estate-MIAMI

Respond and Interact– You have to be there for your audience. Answer their queries, and be always available for any information they need. You are much more than a marketer on Facebook- you are an educator, listener and problem solver for your fans.

How To Measure Success:

As a marketer, you have done your bit- but as a realtor you need results. Well here are the key points-

  • Referrals to your site must increase.
  • You must have new relationships and your network has grown
  • Increasing inquires about your listings and consequent sales (for this you have to be really patient)

To Conclude:

Facebook is not a magic wand. It will take time. Do not indulge in blatant self promotion. Focus on your niche and you will be OK.


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.