Facebook has announced about launching various new features with Messenger Platform v1.2. This makes it easier for companies to sell their products through messenger bots.

People will be able to buy without leaving the messenger and this will also direct them to brand’s messenger bots from their Faceboook ads.

  • Introduced Payments in beta! Request access through this form.
    • For native payments use new Buy Button along with Generic template
    • For payments from the web see Webviews and Extensions
  • Added Webviews and Extensions to get user id for personalization, close the webview and call payments in the browser
  • Added Share Button type (currently supported in Generic template only) so that people can share message bubbles
  • Added Icons support to Quick Replies
  • Added Location Quick Reply type
  • Added webview_height_ratio parameter for Url Button to customize webview height
  • Added attachments reuse support so that you don't have to upload the same attachments every time

Brands will also be able to add links to their Facebook ads that will direct people to their messenger bots.


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