Facebook has updated Facebook Pixel. Pixel will now send more contextual information from advertiser’s website to better understand and categorize the actions that people take on their website to optimize for ads delivery.

Marketers will now be able to track actions taken on the site. Advertisers will be able to track clicks like add to cart, purchase, buy ad others. Information sent through Pixel will also include information from page’s structure to get better understanding of the context associated with these actions.

“If you created your Facebook pixel before April 20, 2017, this new functionality will go into effect on May 20, 2017. For Facebook pixels created on April 20, 2017 or later, this change will take effect immediately.”

This new feature can turned off: “If you’d like to configure the Facebook Pixel to not send this additional information, you can add the line fbq(‘set’, ‘autoConfig’, ‘false’, ‘FB_PIXEL_ID’) above the init call in the Facebook Pixel Base code and the Facebook Pixel will no longer send this additional information”



Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.