Facebook will soon launch two new ways for firms to communicate with their customers through messaging and groups.

Now Businesses Can Receive and Reply Instagram DMs on Facebook Messenger

More and more people are using messaging for communicating with businesses. At present, 150 million people on Instagram communicate with businesses each month.

Facebook’s last quarterly report showed that 10 billion messages were sent between businesses and people each month.

To enable businesses to manage such conversations, Facebook is making it easier for businesses to receive and reply to messages to customers from its platforms from a single location. In the weeks to come, businesses based in the US and Brazil will be able to receive and reply to Instagram Direct messages via their Facebook Page Inbox on the desktop and in mobile via the Pages Manager app. It will allow businesses to reply quickly and ensure that they don’t miss any message from a customer.

Pages Have New Ways To Participate In Groups

More than 90 million businesses and NGOs of various sizes are using Facebook’s platforms to communicate with their customers. People who manage the Pages are aware that posting and sharing stories are effective ways of reaching out to customers. However, many are looking for more personal ways to engage with their community. Till now Pages had the ability to create groups for building communities of their own. In the weeks to come, they will be able to participate in Facebook Groups and community discussions related to their business.


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