Facebook has launched Stories Ads on Facebook thereby making ad units available to advertisers all over the world. Facebook first brought ads within Instagram Stories in January 2017 and started testing Facebook Stories Ads in May. In the early part of this month, Facebook alerted its Marketing Partner Network to the coming ad units and asked ad management platforms in order to set Stories Ads on Facebook as a default opt-in.

Why is it important for you?

Stories Ads on Facebook provide a new ad placement option for advertisers who are in that platform. When it comes to Instagram Stories ads, these new ad units shall include Facebook’s full ad targeting and measurement capabilities and will also be available on Messenger in the days to come.

Though it’s still in the initial stage, Facebook is predicting that Stories Ads will be a major source of revenue. This format is being rolled out after well-known brands like Norwegian Airlines, Kettle Chips, iHeartRadio, and KFC UK started testing in the early part of the year.


Facebook Stories Ads Can Now Be Accessed By All Advertisers



Stine Steffensen Børke, Norwegian Airlines director of global marketing stated “With the addition of advertising within Facebook Stories, we will be able to reach a larger and more diverse audience in a more creative way, allowing us to intertwine storytelling and advertising in the user’s own preferred channel of communication”.

KFC UK mentioned that their Facebook Stories Ad campaigns offered a 33 percent lower cost per view and a 19 percent lower cost per impression. They stated that the ad units enabled them to reach out to more people at a lower cost, without losing out quality or targeting control. Two other brands which tested Facebook Stories Ads-Tentree, a clothing brand, and Skout, a dating app mentioned about more customer actions at a lesser cost.


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