Facebook is launching advanced analytics to enable page admins to measure performance apart from the page level. Therefore, as a page admin you can keep a track of events which are of greater significance like page likes and unlikes, page follows and unfollows etc.

Facebook is also introducing post impressions, which is a new type of post level metrics to analytics. Therefore, you can create new segments of audience to perform specific activities. For instance, you might find it wise to create an audience to bring back people who recently unliked your page. Once such segments are created, you can funnel conversion across all stages starting from social engagement to purchase while comparing audience demographics based on channel and activity.

Facebook is going to provide access to advanced analytics within the next few months. You will get an email and notification on your Facebook Analytics dashboard once your page acquires access to the new beta features.

Launch of Instagram Analytics

Facebook is launching Instagram analytics which will form an integral part of Facebook Analytics dashboard. It will provide more detailed information than what you get at present via Instagram Insights.

Using Instagram Analytics, you can-

  • Check whether people commenting or liking your Instagram posts have a higher rate of retention or not.
  • Compare lifetime value of people on Instagram with the ones who don’t.
  • Develop audience segments and analyze the value they add to your business.
  • Gain a clear perception of how your Instagram audience overruns your site’s target audience or engages with your Facebook page.

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