A low-key announcement was made by Google, recently, regarding the new feature that they now support. It is called “selection attributes”. It requires selection of just one out of several predefined choices in the business description.

Google stated an example around kosher foods, saying you can choose from predefined business descriptions like “No Kosher food,” “Some Kosher food,” or “Strictly Kosher food.”

Google’s help document explains:

Selection attributes: These attributes require selection of exactly one of several predefined choices. For example, “Kosher food” is a selection attribute with choices “No Kosher food,” “Some kosher food,” or “Strictly kosher food.” To view all possible choices for each selection attribute, download the attributes reference spreadsheet (instructions below).

As of now, finding a kosher restaurant on Google is not an easy task. It’s time to see if the new feature would help with this and other predefined selection attributes.

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