A new Google AdWords Express update will enable advertisers to attend missed calls by using push notifications. Google stated that one in every five calls received on an AdWords Express ad goes unanswered. Now, if you miss a call, the AdWords Express app will send a notification inviting you to call the customer.

You need to have access to the AdWords Express app to receive notifications about missed calls. Once the app gets installed, notifications might be installed once you go to settings and opt for account updates. With this new update, Google also added another feature to AdWords Express which is designed to enhance the relevancy of customer calls. Now at end of each call which you receive via AdWords Express, you will be asked to provide a feedback on the relevance of the call.

Google AdWords Express now offers push notifications for missed calls

The feedback which AdWords Express will receive will be used for targeting ads to the right customers. These features are now present in the newest version of AdWords Express for Android & iOS.


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