Google has announced Promoted Places in Google Maps for holiday shopping. "During the busy holiday season, on-the-go shoppers are using their smartphones to find the perfect stocking stuffers, festive decor and gifts for loved ones. In fact, 70% of smartphone users who purchase.1 This year, a number of brands are testing Promoted Places in Google Maps to showcase special offers and announcements to drive more foot traffic to their stores."

Google Announces Promoted Places In Google Maps

Few users have already started seeing a limited test of promoted places for Android App. "It integrates seamlessly with the browsing experience, where places of interest are visually marked with icons to help users orient themselves and explore the world around them." Advertisers can improve awareness for their stores with these promoted places by branding their location icons with their logo. Buyers can click on a business's logo to reveal promotions like new products and services, or sales. They can also check out business’s place page to see store hours, get directions, check live updates to Popular Times, and more.

Google Announces Promoted Places In Google Maps!


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