Recently Google launched an agency dashboard meant for Google My Business agencies which manage numerous local businesses. It has a number interesting features. The dashboard allows you to manage listing and also see the invite status. User Groups can help in team management and access control with permission levels available for different types of users. It’s Quicksearch function enables smoother access to locations within your whole account or Location Group. Users can also manage unlimited number of locations from a single account.

However, the early response related to the dashboard has been quite negative.

But Google has been attempting to communicate about the alternations and new features on the dashboard.

Google recently announced on the existing Google My Business Help thread that users will now be able to sync locations with keywords. This feature worked in Google My Business dashboard but wasn’t functional on the new agency dashboard. Allyson Wright, the Community Manager of Google My Business wrote:-

Google My Business Agency Dashboard Can Now Adjust With AdWords

For people who are having an issue requesting access to their client’s listing from a location group within a company, there is an alternate way out. The current listing owner will add the Org Accounts Location Group ID to that listing either as a manager or owner.


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