Google has officially launched a new sign up process for businesses which don’t function from a particular location. Google allows business owners to specify the locations where they offer their services through search and Google Maps rather than offering no options at all.

Google My Business Launches New Sign Up Process For Businesses Without Offices!

Business owners who are signing up for the first time will be guided through the setup process with prompts for their local service area business. The process starts off with the question, “Do you want to add a location customers can visit, like a store or office?” If the answer is no, then you sent through the path customized exclusively for service-area businesses. The path allows you to add different areas which your services cover rather than a particular address, thereby enabling potential clients to find your business profile on Google and confirm whether your services are available in their area.

Service areas tend to differ from one business to another. To present accurate details to customers, you can configure the service area you cover by adding special postal codes or cities which you cover.

Taking into consideration the changes each business undergoes, these settings can be altered periodically. So you don’t need to worry about being confined to a specific area.

In case you are an existing Google My Business user, you can edit your business details on the Google My Business dashboard. You will find that both “storefront address” and “service area” can be edited separately. If the address isn’t related to your business, you can clear it easily.


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